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Eau de parfum Scilla 50 ml Acqua degli Dei
  • Eau de Parfum SCILLA 50 ml acqua degli dei
  • Piramide Olfattiva SCILLA EAU de Parfum Acqua degli Dei

SCILLA 50 ml

Eau de Parfum

A perfume which is tempting, sensual and lasting, just like love.

An initial fresh and aromatic scent of bergamot and citrus with Mediterranean hints allows for a floral and slightly spiced core, sustained by woody, mysterious and vibrant notes. An awakening of the senses with a noir touch. A timeless charismatic fragrance.

The pebble you find at the bottom of the bottle symbolises eternal, everlasting love such as Glaucus’s love for Scylla. It also recalls the cavern in the cliff where the maiden was transformed into a monster and where she hid for ever after.

Every bottle holds a unique pebble.

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Product Description

SCILLA, the supremacy of love.

Born of a legend whose origins are lost in the mists of time. The legend of Scylla. The fragrance of love is enclosed in this little bottle. Pure love, all-encompassing, which captures the soul. Stronger even than life itself. Now it is yours. Your own love potion. Your own magnetic secret of seduction. 
The tale tells us that Scylla was a very beautiful blue-eyed nymph. She lived on the Calabrian coast near to the Straits of Messina. One night, while she was having a bathe off the beach of Zancle, she saw the sea god Glaucous appear out of the waves; he was half man and half fish. When she saw him she was terrified so she fled to the top of a mountain, but Glaucous, blinded by his love for her, did not give up. He approached the witch Circes and asked her for a love philtre that would make the nymph fall in love with him. Circes sought to have Glaucous for herself, so when he refused her love she was furious and decided on revenge. She brewed an evil potion, then went to the beach of Zancle, there she poured the philtre into the sea and went back to her abode.

When Scylla next bathed, she turned into an enormous monster: looking down she realized she had dozens of snake-like legs and reflected in the water she saw that she had six big canine heads, each with three rows of teeth. Horrified, Scylla threw herself into the sea and forever remained hidden in a submarine cavern. Legend has it that this cave is located along the coast of Calabria, in the Straits of Messina, in front of Charybdis. Every ship passing the Straits sailed close to one of these two monsters. Canto XII of Homer’s Odyssey tells how Ulysses faced Scylla losing his best rowers.


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